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Where should additional bike path construction be located?

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Read about the impact of biking on real estate and economic development

It’s Time to Finish the Job of Connecting
Rhode Island’s Recreational and Transportation Paths

With 65 miles of paths built, a new coalition campaigns to close the gaps
and expand the network throughout the state.

Building on our strengths

We have built 65 miles of exceptional recreational paths in Rhode Island. It is time to realize their full economic & transportation benefit as a unified network. We need to close the gaps and expand the network throughout the state.

Finishing the job of building out our paths network will elevate tourism, healthful recreation, and transportation opportunities all over the state. Now is the time to finish the job of building our paths network, because doing so aligns with statewide priorities for boosting the economy, increasing tourism, and investing efficiently in our transportation infrastructure.

What paths should we be on?

icon-graph On the path to a robust tourism economy. Similar investments in paths have resulted in 200 new jobs per million spent, and nine tourism dollars coming into the state annually for every dollar spent on paths infrastructure.
icon-runner On the path to better quality of life. Companies increasingly want walkability and bikeability when deciding where to locate, as the millennial talent they seek desires that lifestyle.
icon3 On the path to better health. Studies show that active living leads to 50% reductions in heart disease and diabetes, and 20% reductions in cancer. Every dollar invested in paths infrastructure brings a three dollar reduction in healthcare costs.
icon4 On the path to reduced traffic congestion. As we grow our economy, we have to provide transportation choices that don’t create more traffic jams. Less time stuck in traffic means higher productivity and better mental health.
icon-bird On the path to a cleaner environment. Bicycling and walking have lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions 10x lower than driving. Paths also provide Rhode Islanders with a greater connection to and appreciation of the natural ecosystems of Narragansett Bay and our historic watersheds.