On the path to better quality of life. Companies increasingly want walkability and bikeability when deciding where to locate, as the millennial talent they seek desires that lifestyle.

Investing in biking and walking infrastructure brings more than alternate modes of transportation—it’s an investment in local business. – Momentum 2013 – Cities and Businesses Discover that Cycling Pays

“Five years ago, I don’t think businesspeople were even thinking about bikes as a part of business. Today it’s definitely part of the discussion.” – David A. Wilson, CEO, Accenture – How Bicycling is Transforming Business

To incentivize GE to relocate in Boston, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts pledged to spend up to $25 million to improve streets, bike ways, and water transportation services in the Waterfront/Innovation District area. Robust multimodal transportation is an important factor to companies like GE that are deciding where to locate their offices; important enough that they’re asking cities to make these investments before they agree to move there.1

Rate at which bike commuting grew over the past decade in the cities that are best attracting jobs & talent.2

Google. Amazon. Biogen. Lincoln Labs. Pfizer. Microsoft.
Companies that chose to locate their Boston-area offices near the Minuteman Bikeway. Biogen even moved back to bikeable Kenmore Sq just two years after a move to a suburban campus negatively effected morale.3

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