lisa and janet

DEM Director Janet Coit and Paths to Progress member Lisa Konicki from Ocean Community Chamber of Commerce in Westerly

We are excited that the Governor included $10 million for paths to progress in her $35 million Green Economy Bond proposal! If maintained throughout the budgeting process and passed in November, this funding would make a significant dent in the $100 million of need Rhode Island has for connecting and extending our paths network. We are proud to have partners like open space groups and the RI Department of Environmental Management to help make this happen.

Not only is this about “green” but it really is about the economy too. Similar investments in paths have resulted in 200 new jobs per million spent, and nine tourism dollars coming into the state annually for every dollar spent on paths infrastructure. These are real jobs and a real benefit for the hospitality industry in our state. And it’s not just the “V” in the Governor’s “WAVE” plan, either! Advanced industries looking for where to site their facilities look for the sort of quality of life their employees demand, and that means a robust path network.

Stay tuned for updates! If you want to help make our vision for a more robust paths network in Rhode Island a reality, let us know!


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